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Air Pollution and Associated Human Health Risks in Delhi: A Review

Pramod Kumar Department of Chemistry, Sri Aurobindo College, University of Delhi, Malviya Nagar – 110017


Delhi is the capital city of India and facing alarming air pollution due to different growing sectors, i.e. industry, transport and housing. Increasing the air pollutant emissions of sulfur oxides (SOx), particulate matter (PM), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and hydrocarbons (HC) is a major concerning issue to society and authorities of Delhi. Due to increasing air pollution in Delhi, the city’s residents are facing various respiratory problems. Therefore, the present study reviews the Delhi air pollution level and associated human health and sources of air pollution. The present study could be helpful for the local authorities and society of Delhi to understand the level of air pollution and health risks and take action to control the air pollutants level.

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