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Investigating the epidemiology of mucosal fungi and its association with COVID-19

Marwa T. Ahmed1, Mohammed Ahmed Mustafa2 Harith Ahmed Mustafa3



This novel disease is caused by a coronavirus (COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2). The world's healthcare system has been brought to its knees by the deadliest epidemic of this millennium, resulting in millions of deaths. To make matters even worse, the entire world, and India in particular, faced another pandemic during the COVID-19 pandemic during the second wave in May 2021. This pandemic was caused by mucosal fungi, also known as black mushrooms. Mycosis is a rare form of fungal illness with a high fatality rate and spreads alarmingly. Most of the epidemiological research currently available on mucosal fungus is retrospective and limited. Improving the normal course of this fatal disease requires a high morbidity rate founded on proper risk stratification and enhanced laboratory diagnostics. Both of these factors are essential.

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Understanding the mechanisms of plant defense against herbivores and pathogens

Dr Archana Vashishtha


Plants have evolved intricate defense mechanisms to protect themselves against the constant threats posed by herbivores and pathogens. These defense mechanisms are essential for plant survival, as they play a crucial role in maintaining plant health and ensuring reproductive success. Understanding the intricacies of plant defense systems is of paramount importance for developing sustainable agricultural practices and improving crop yield in the face of mounting environmental challenges.

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Drug Abuse among Youth: Causes, Effects and Control

Dr Vinod Kumar


Drug abuse means the illicit and non-medical use of limited number of substances. Most of drugs which have the properties of altering the mental state of a being in ways that are considered by social norms and defined by statute to be inappropriate, undesirable, harmful threatening to the life of the user and to the society at large. Alcohol, heroin, cocaine, opium, marijuana, are some of the drugs abused.

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