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Optimal stress reduces the patellofemoral pain: a case study

Dr Manjit Kumar, Dr. Devendra Trivedi, Dr. Tahjeeb Fatima and Dr. Neha Shukla


Background -  Cartilage degeneration is associated with age related changes. Damage to patellofemoral joint cartilage causes misalignment and istability of lower limb, pelvis, and knee joint. Thus patellmaltracking and muscular imbalances are the results following PEPS. This study aimed to know about optimal stress causing management of patellofemoral pain syndrome.Method – single case was included in this study. She was treated with optimal stress technique. This created a lots of relief to the patient.Results – female patient got tremendous improvement in her condition following treatment. Pian score on  VAS was reduced to zero. So patient could perform ADLs without pain easily.Conclusion – this method proved heavier efficacy to treat patients with PEPS. Therefore could be analyzed over large population in future

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Mr. Masood Ahmad Sheikh, Mrs. Bincy Cherian, Miss.Insha Ali and Miss. Farida Akhter


Tobacco smoking is a risk factor for chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases and diabetes .Worldwide around six million people die from long-term exposure to first- or second-hand smoke annually. One effective approach to tobacco control is smoking cessation counseling and providing awareness among population by primary care givers and physicians especially adolescents who are the builders of nation. However, research suggests that smoking cessation counseling is not sufficiently implemented in primary care. In order to understand and address the discrepancy between evidence and practice, an overview of counseling practices health education is needed.Adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development that generally occurs during the period from puberty to legal adulthood. Adolescence is usually associated with the teenage years, but physical, psychological or cultural expressions may begin earlier and end later.As Nowadays adolescents are more prone to be the victim of the smoking. The adolescents are the cream of the nation. So it is our right to continue to awarenessand conduct health education programs regarding smoking. Therefore, On the basis of these views a study was conducted to assess the impact of planned teaching program on knowledge regarding ill effects of smoking among adolescent boys in selected secondary school of budgam.For which 30 subjects were selected bypurposive sampling technique. After data collection structured knowledge questionnaire was used to assess the knowledge among subjects. The data was analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistics by using chi-square and t-test.The findings revealed that the mean posttest knowledge score 27.07, standard deviation 0.69, was significant higher than mean pretest knowledge score 9.9,standard deviation 1.16among study subjects which indicated that planned teaching program was highly effective in enhancing the knowledge in adolescent boys at mean difference 17.17.The study also concluded that there were statistically no significant association between demographic variables (p=0.000) of adolescent boys with their pre-test knowledge scores at 0.05 level of significance.

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Impact Of School Environment On Self - Regulation Among Primary School Children In Ernakulam District Kerala

Ameer Ali KE1*, Riaz KM2,


AIM :-The ability to self-regulate has been viewed as a desirable quality throughout history because of its positive effects on behaviour and the accession of skills The present study aims to assess any positive impact of school environment on self - regulation among primary school children in Ernakulam district Kerala.”

MATERIAL AND METHODOLOGY:-Were the researcher used exploratory research approach for this study and research design was descriptive research design was used to assess self-regulation and school environment among school children. The study was carried out in selected Primary school of Ernakulam District, Kerala. were the study objective was To assess the self-regulation among primary school children, To assess the school environment among primary school children, To associate the self-regulation with the selected demographic variables. To associate the school environment with the selected demographic variables.  The sample comprised of 400 primary school children. By using non probability purposive sampling technique. Considering objective and assumption of the study conceptual framework was prepared based upon king's goal attainment model is communication, perception, interactions, transactions. Formal written permission was obtained from the authorities to conduct the study and informed consent was obtained from the subjects prior to the data collection process. Data was collected by administering a self-regulation questionnaire.

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