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Dr. Erhauyi Meshach Aiwerioghene PhD 1Assistant Professor,Healthcare Management, Mena College of Management, Dubai, UAE


Medical tourism has been made possible due to the globalization of healthcare, where medical treatment can be provided across the border. Medical professionals from all over the world travel to developed countries for getting new technologies to be applied in their medical services. The term medical tourism has become a household name, which involves patients from developed and underdeveloped countries to seek medical treatment abroad for various reasons. Nigeria is not well known as a medical tourism destination compared to countries like India, Thailand and Singapore. This paper reviews and analyzes the issues, challenges and recommendations in Nigeria medical tourism. In recent time Nigerian patienthas been obtaining medical treatment abroad.

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Reducing Patient wait time in outpatient settings: A lean six sigma approach

Ela Vashishtha


The purpose of the study is to decrease patient wait time in a geriatric outpatient seating using Lean
Six Sigma Approach.

The research and improvement project discussed in the paper uses LSS DMAIC (Define-Measure-
Analyze-Control) approach in an outpatient setting in United States that provides care to older

The study describes how streaming the process and applying lean six sigma concepts improve the
average wait time by 10 minutes and improves the patient flow in clinical setting. The decrease in
wait-time was statistically significant adding to operational efficiency, better patient flow and higher
patient and employee satisfaction.

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