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Research question:What competencies should th enurse midwife trainees have priorregistration ?

Mrs. Blaze Asheetha Maria Rosario( Associate Professor), St Philomena’s College of Nursing,No.1, Mother Theresa’s, Viveknagar P.O,Bangalore-560047 Dr .Sr.CelcyMary Research Consultant , Bishop Benzigar College of Nursing, Sastri Junction,Kollam-691001.


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Assessing the drinking water Quality of locally available bottled water in Batticaloa District, Sri Lanka

1Mahendranathan C and 2Kishani G S


This study was aimed to determine the physiochemical and microbial quality of bottled water, available in Batticaloa district, Sri Lanka. Twenty bottled water samples, sold in the local markets in this district, were collected. All the samples showed the aerobic bacterial counts and the concentration of the total Coliforms within the limits of World Health Organization (WHO) standards.

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Effect of Traditional Acupuncture in an Infertility Patient with Low Anti-Mullerian Hormone

Dr. Kalpanadevi. M


Infertility is the major health concern in the present world which is said to be a disability by WHO. Inspite of various therapeutic interventions it imparts considerable disturbance to the psychological health of the female. This case is unique of its kind where the subject was able to deliver a healthy child with only traditional acupuncture as the intervention

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Dhatu Parinaman - Ayurvedic approach to metabolism

Dr. Namrata Redkar


Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of medicine, offers a holistic approach to health and well-being. Central to Ayurvedic principles is the concept of Dhatu Parinaman, which encompasses the process of metabolism and transformation of bodily tissues. This research article delves into the Ayurvedic perspective on metabolism, examining the role of Dhatu Parinaman in maintaining optimal health. Through an exploration of Ayurvedic texts, scholarly works, and clinical observations, this article aims to elucidate the unique insights Ayurveda provides into the intricate workings of metabolism and its implications for overall well-being.

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