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A short-term study on insects documented on okra crop at an agro-ecosystem near Bikaner, Rajasthan, India

Dheeraj Bhati & Meera Srivastava


Okra or ladies finger is a plant belonging to family Malvaceae. It is one of the most favourite vegetables for growing in kitchen gardens.India is the world's largest producer of okra with over 60% of the global production. India produces approximately 6 million tons of okra per year.Ecologically, insects occupy diverse niches and play many different roles important in sustaining the dynamics of ecosystem process.The present work was therefore undertaken to study the insects on okra crop in relation to their diversity and density in some agro-ecosystems in and around Bikaner, Rajasthan.In all, 41 insects belonging to 7 orders and 26 families were collected from the crop, of which based on density 6 were dominant, 32 frequent and 3 were rare forms. The maximum density was noted in the month of September, while, diversity in the month of October. Minimum density as well as diversity was noted in the month of December.

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