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Dr. Shila chhipa1 Dr. Pankaj Marolia2 Dr. Man Mohan Sharma3


The world has great progress in health sector; still people spend more years with illness. So here the challenge is to keep our self healthy and diseases free (सुखायु&हितायु) and target to LONGEVITY (दीर्घायु). AYURVEDA is such a great life science which fulfils the LONGEVITY by maintaining health, preventing& diagnosing diseases and diagnosis of diseases on right time can save lives and go towards LONGEVITY.  For diagnostic purpose, Purvroopas have great importance in Nidaanpanchak. If Purvroopas are recognized properly on right time, even disease formation can be checked by changing life style, food habits &work habits. Thus the disease burden can be directly cut and target of LONGEVITY can be achieved through AYURVEDA, because प्राज्ञ:प्रागेवतत्कुर्याद्धितंविद्याद्यदात्मन: (च.सु.7)           

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