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Attitude to and Awareness of Precautionary Measures against COVID 19 among Street Food Vendors in Enugu Urban, Enugu State.

Shalangwa Angela Yusuf (M.Ed), Enebechi Jude C. (Ph.D), Ayuk Martin Bate (M.Ed) and Enebechi Paul Chika (M.Ed)


COVID 19 is a pandemic that has taken the world by surprise with countries in all continents of the world recording mortality and morbidity from this disease which had its origin in Wuhan, China. Enugu state is one of the first few states in Nigeria to record cases of COVID 19. Experts have advised that precautionary measures be taken to avoid the spread of this deadly disease. This study seeks to determine the attitude to and the awareness of street food vendors to precautionary measures against COVID 19 in Enugu Urban. To achieve the purpose of the study, two research questions were raised and two null hypotheses formulated and tested at 0.05 degree of significance. The descriptive survey research design was adopted and a sample size of 400 students was selected using Yaro Yamane statistical formula while the multistage sampling procedure was adopted to draw the sample from the the 18 prominent residential areas in Enugu Urban. The instrument for data collection was a 24-item researcher structured questionnaire with four point response options.The validity of the instrument was established through the judgement of three health education experts while the reliability of the instrument was established using the split half method which yielded a reliability coefficient value of .88. Mean was used to analyse the two research questions while the two null hypothesis were tested using one way ANOVA statistics. The finding of the study revealed that street food vendors in Enugu Urban show negative attitude to and have low level awareness of precautionary measures against COVID 19. Implications of the findings for healthy living were articulated before recommending that awareness of their preventive measures should be increased among others.

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